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Hear the Glow of Electric Lights
16mm reversal film
Hear the Glow of Electric Lights
Silent Funny, West Humboldt Park, Chicago

Hear the Glow of Electric Lights is a durational, multidisciplinary project that utilizes live performances, behind-the-scenes documentation, and 16mm film to deconstruct 1960s American pop music groups featuring girls and young women. During the summer of 2017, visual artist Sarah Beth Woods formed The Rhinettes, a conceptual girl group based out of Prosser High School on the West Side of Chicago. Referencing the Supreme’s first nationally televised appearance, and Cholly Atkins' choreography, the work conceals and reveals both the surface of bodies and the materiality of film, while choreographed routines imagine new ways for performing bodies to inhabit spaces together. This project culminates in an experimental 16mm reversal film/artifact by Woods under the same name.

Silent Funny, June 24th, 2017
Jane Addams Hull House Museum, Making the West Side, June 15, 2017
CHICAT, Threewalls at 15, June 5, 2019

Girl group: (L-R) Alexis Strowder, Yahkirah Beard, Anya Jenkins
Film by Sarah Beth Woods
Cinematography: Brian VandenBos
Choreography: Courtney Bradshaw
Costumes: Ann Heggans, Sarah Beth Woods